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About the therapy

The Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) came from the West. This approach is focused on client achieving goals which he/she has set him/herself, with use of his resources and strong points. This method accepts that every person has its own skills and abilities, although some of us are unaware of them. These can be used to solve individual problems. The therapist aids the Client in broadening his/her perspectives connecting with his current situation, helps him/her to translate different competencies and talents into other areas of life in order to improve the general functioning. The period for therapy is not precisely set; instead it is led by the brief rule that is aiming at fastest possible achievement of the goal, as set by the Client.


Steave De Sheizer and his wife Insoo Kim Berg (d.o.b. 25 June, 1934, of Korean origin), also a therapist, supervisor, coach, lecturer and psychotherapy, coaching and counselling consultant, were the founders of this approach and the Brief Family Therapy Centre (1978), and also authors of numerous publications.

Main rules for the SFBT:

  • If something works, do more of this.
  • If something does not work, do something else.
  • Don’t fix if it’s not broken.
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